History repeats itself: ransomware is here to stay


We have become so used to hearing about new ransomware cases, and over the last few months, it has become even more common hearing about these types of attacks on organizations all over the world. Something that was previously considered to be isolated cases is now turning into a headache for companies who are seeing their reputations and bottom lines affected by these threats. But what exactly is ransomware? Ransomware is a type of virus which prevents a user from accessing their own IT systems. This type of malware encrypts and blocks access to files and then demands a ransom – usually in the form of bitcoins; a virtual currency. It is currently one of the most dangerous types of malware and a source of concern for companies, causing panic on a global level.

As recently as two weeks ago there were two ransomware attacks that caused chaos in Latin America: Crysis and Vega Stealer. Both attacks were spread via email campaigns and affected Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, and Argentina. This is where the importance of secure and reliable corporate email and messaging systems come into play, in addition to employee awareness which forms a critical part of any company’s cybersecurity system. From job offers to product returns, the case of Vega Stealer affected almost 90% of Argentines; starting with companies and working its way to individuals.


Looking back at 2017, the data is chilling: ransomware caused 359 million euros in damages worldwide. It was a year that will be remembered for incidents such as WannaCry and NotPetya; both attacks had far-reaching consequences and lead to a large scale media response. WannaCry, 200,000 computers in 179 countries. NotPetya, 67 countries and total paralysis of the Ukrainian administration. These are just a few examples that highlight the power of these attacks and the need to have a secure email to protect our information and our business. Companies on a global level have to accept the risk of having their information taken ransom. And it is not only technology companies that are at risk, any company can become a victim.


Although companies are becoming more conscious of the need to have secure email, there are still many companies out there that do not have a solution for protecting their email and data. Traditional antivirus is not adequate protection against these types of malware attacks that are able to get through unnoticed. Cybercriminals rapidly create new, sophisticated threats that are difficult to detect. This is why it is necessary to counter their threats with innovative and cutting-edge defense solutions that can protect business data and avoid their penetration through email.


At Spamina, we are experts at securing email. This is according to the most prominent opinion leaders in the security field:

  • Gartner included us in their top 10 list of solution providers for email security at a global level (Market Guide for Secure Email Gateway Report, May 2017)
  • In Spain, SIC magazine awarded us the SIC 2017 prize for “our excellent solutions for secure email”

Spamina Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) is a cloud-based solution for the detection, prevention, and response to zero-day malware, ransomware, CEO fraud, Business Email Compromise (BEC), phishing attacks, viruses and other advanced attacks through email. With its next-generation sandboxing technology, Spamina ATP dynamically analyzes files and URLs to discover, quarantine and identify attachments and malicious links; including those that employ the most sophisticated evasion techniques.

With Spamina ATP you will deploy a powerful defense against advanced threats that are trying to reach your users and systems. The ATP solution is scalable, the implementation is immediate and it can be employed for the whole domain or for specific users only.

Being prepared for the next attack is no longer an option; it’s an obligation. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Request a free trial for your corporate domain and protect yourself today with Spamina ATP!