An instant messenger that guards against data leaks

Holidays, long weekends… disconnecting from the office and work-related matters is becoming increasingly difficult. We live in a connected world; where being disconnected has become a relic of the past and something that young people have never even known or experienced. Every day we become more connected and find ourselves on constant stand-by for work. And this is exactly where we find one of our biggest contemporary problems: the safety of our corporate information.

The dangers of using unsecured instant messaging for work

Many companies use WhatsApp to communicate with employees and to share information. And in many instances this information is confidential and of key importance to the company. There are more than a billion active users on instant messaging every day. This is an alarming figure if we bear in mind that many companies use these channels to share confidential information with their employees.

Strategic plans, confidential agreements, bank accounts, passwords… and a whole host of important information that could cause grave losses and reputation damage if it were to fall in the wrong hands. One of the most common errors found among companies today is the transfer of information over channels that don’t have sufficient security capabilities to protect such data.
Instant messaging services have become an undeniable part of corporate life, but it is extremely important to ensure that conversations are protected and secured.

Why should I use ParlaMI as a secure instant messaging system for my company?

ParlaMI users have IM Firewall; an advanced protection system. The advantages of ParlaMI, compared to other instant messaging services:

  • End-to-end encryption technology
  • Anti-spam filtering, anti-malware and data leak prevention
  • Allows you to have real-time conversations, whether individually or in groups
  • Users can create password-controlled groups
  • Status tracking of conversations with notifications and identification of the status of instant messages

The enterprise instant messaging system has an IM Archiving option which allows you to archive all conversations. ParlaMI has the option to perform searches, restore and share messages from the application, by using email or the messenger itself.
Comparing the advantages of ParlaMI, there can be no doubt as to why you need a secured instant messaging system. Avoid data loss, as well as damage to your company’s reputation and bottom line. Contact Us for a free assessment!