Join the Spamina MSP Partner Program and get profits without investments or additional efforts

Are you an MSP, MSSP, a telco, a supplier, or a reseller? If so, you are in luck! Now you have a chance to improve your services and the value you offer your clients without having to make additional investments or extra effort.


selloThe Spamina MSP Partner Program is a specific program where any company with a large client portfolio providing IT services, whether directly or through third parties, can register.

If you still do not know the Spamina MSP Partner Program, you want to read this. By simply registering you will start enjoying the possibility of marketing, implementing and managing commercial offers, using the product’s private label, 24/7 premium support and a monthly report of client consumption, among other benefits.

Increase the value of your services without additional investment

A program that allows incrementing the value of the services you offer your clients in a quick and simple manner:

Fully self-managed service without limits for demos or subscriptions and a Pay as you Go model.
Private label option: We offer you the chance of marketing Spamina’s services with your own brand or under Spamina’s brand.
Multi-tenant management interface that unifies management for all clients and products.
• Cross sales have never been so easy thanks to native integration of products that allows for a user experience unique in the market.


Start enjoying right now the benefits the MSP Partner Program has to offer


What are you waiting for to contact us and join our program?