Spamina is growing!

Spamina is expanding its presence in Latin America. Together with our reputable partners in Mexico and Colombia we are continuing our growth and world-class services in local markets.

The growing demand for security solutions in Latin America is creating an increase in the need for technologies that are efficient, robust, scalable, agile and quick to implement. Businesses need reliable providers that offer turnkey solutions that can be adapted to their specific needs and which are completely suited to the domestic market.

This is why Spamina has pursued the perfect partners. One of our greatest priorities is continuous innovation, and by collaborating with local and reputable partners we are able to achieve one of our main objectives, as well as satisfy local market requirements.

Aliados Spamina


Crecimiento de la compañía en México

Our new partner in Mexico is a highly regarded wholesaler of IT solutions and allows us to access new customers and to offer them world-class services.

Last month, on 25 July, the Spamina Mexico team had the opportunity to collaborate with MAPS during the #MAPSSolutionsDay. The day was aimed at value-added distributors, and saw the best brand names in Cloud Computing, Data Centres and the IT security solutions industry. Our team had its own booth and had an incredibly positive and enriching experience.


Spamina expands in Colombia

Spamina has been operating in Colombia for 6 years, but last year we took the plunge and opened our own offices. This was a clear indication of the important role that Colombia plays in our expansion plan. Over the last few months we have formed partnerships with businesses that play a key role in the domestic market:
Partners Colombia

    Experts in integrated solutions for infrastructure and information security.
    Experts in integrated solutions for infrastructure and information security.
  • PCM Colombia
    35 years’ experience in building information technology solutions.
  • MICRONET Colombia
    Distributors of the best brand names in protection software and digital asset management.


This new commitment towards our business’s growth and expansion in Latin America has only just begun. We will continue to bring you updates, so keep an eye on our blog.

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