Spamina merges with HornetSecurity

We advanced you that this new year was going to be full of very interesting projects and new challenges. Hardly a week has passed since New Year’s Eve and we can already tell you that Spamina merges with HornetSecurity.

The merger of both leading cloud security companies in their respective countries will combine nearly 200 specialists will guarantee secure email communication for more than 40,000 companies worldwide.

“With this decision, we will have access to additional resources that will not only heavily benefit our local market, but also our new markets in Latin America”, says Enrico Raggini, CEO of Spamina, and Daniel Blank, CEO of Hornetsecurity, adds: “Spamina is the perfect complement to boost our European market leadership and to open new Spanish-speaking markets thanks to our combined know-how and our expertise”.

International market

Spamina has an international presence in Spain, Italy, Argentina, Peru, Colombia and Mexico. Hornetsecurity operates in more than 30 countries —in addition to Germany, Austria and Switzerland— it has a high level of activity in the UK, the US, Australia, The Netherlands and Malaysia.
“The merger with Spamina strengthens our strategic position in the international market” says Daniel Blank, CEO of Hornetsecurity. “The added value for our employees, customers and business partners is obvious. In the future, all stakeholders will benefit from efficient technology, excellent support and bundled development resources” confirms Enrico Raggini, CEO of Spamina.

Raggini and Blank emphasize the importance of the future collaboration as a single company: “We are proud of our growing company, of the additional know-how, of the competences of each of our employees and of the fact that we will be able to work in a more effective and successful way in the market, something which will be of great benefit for our customers”.