Spamina offers the App you need to protect your communication environment, presenting at #MWC18

The countdown has begun! There are only a few days left until the Mobile World Congress 2018 starts in Barcelona, the biggest worldwide showcase for the mobile industry. Fira Barcelona will welcome more than 2,300 exhibitors —among them, the 56 national corporations that will be part of the Spanish Pavilion, organized by—, hundreds of analysts, a considerable number of governmental delegations and a large representation of both public and private institutions.

As this year’s claim states, “Creating a Better Future”, Fira Barcelona will gather companies focused on the latest technological developments for mobile devices that are changing the international panorama of organizations, and for this reason we here at Spamina had to participate.

Spamina MWC

MWC18 is the most anticipated event for the global mobile industry, it will be held from February 26 to March 1, 2018. Last year it attracted more than 100,000 visitors from 198 countries, and about 3,500 media outlets.

In a professional world that increasingly uses mobile phones at work, it is necessary, in fact it is vital for businesses to protect corporate communications on every device, and the importance of this security is what has provoked Spamina to attend the Mobile World Congress this year.

Preventing and mitigating the risks related to cybercrime is critical. Spamina’s solutions allow the IT team to execute a security strategy within the company, without the need of complex implementations and high operational costs. Our solutions also allow your IT team to manage and protect email and instant messaging from the cloud.

In recent years we have witnessed the transition from the use of email towards an alternative form of communication, instant messaging. The constant evolution of online threats makes it more important every day to protect these new communication channels that are growing at neck-breaking speed.



Absolute protection in instant messaging for businesses: secure conversations from any device

ParlaMI is our corporate instant messaging service with high security encryption technology and anti-malware and data leak prevention engine, that ensures the protection and absolute confidentiality of conversations.

ParlaMI allows conversations to happen in real time, allowing users to track the status of the conversation with the notification and identification of the delivery status of instant messages. ParlaMI integrates secure instant messaging for both companies and clients. Plus, with automatic archiving, companies can be completely confident that all corporate instant communication is properly preserved for regulatory compliance.


The ParlaMI APP will help companies comply with GDPR

Another important issue to be acknowledged, as far as security is concerned, is the enforcement in May of this year, of mandatory compliance with the new regulation for European data protection (GDPR). As revealed in a study by Capgemini, 63% of Spanish companies are concerned about their ability to adapt in time to the regulation, which could mean facing fines of up to 20 million euros or 4% of their annual volume.

Effectively, this new regulation represents the biggest legal change in terms of privacy made in the last two decades in Europe, so it will require a great effort from organizations. The ParlaMI APP will help companies comply with the regulation because:

  • It stores, searches and recovers emails in real time, guaranteeing their integrity for audits and legal requirements.
  • It allows access to its files from any device.
  • It encrypts emails to maintain the confidentiality of data and conversations, and the definition of automatic policies prevent the leakage of data and confidential information, either by external intrusions or inadvertent error.

With ParlaMI, users will be able to communicate with external users keeping conversations totally protected and secure.

We’ve shared just some of the topics that we will tell you about in-depth during the Mobile World Congress. Now we just need you to come and see us, so we can get to know one other and exchange experiences. See you at the Spanish Pavilion, Congress Square Stand CS30, we’ll be waiting for you in Barcelona!

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