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AMG Group  began their activity on 1992. Based on Spain, AMG services cover some of the new information technologies areas. Their main activities are software engineering, communications and services.

We work to achieve a high degree of quality and expertise, allowing AMG team to provide the best technology solutions to our customers”, explains Jorge Gutiérrez, General Manager of AMG Group.

Securing communications is a critical business unit for AMG, the company looks for efficient, flexible and trusted technology solutions.

AMG selects providers with strategic and innovative solutions, but also efficient, easy to implement and adaptable to customer needs.

AMG has decided to move to Parla, as their hosted email service and the rest of Spamina Cloud solutions to protect and secure their digital communications:

  • Cloud Email Firewall: Email Gateway security solution to prevent and protect corporate emails from cyberattacks.
  • Cloud Email Archiving: Archive, search and recovery of email in real time.
  • Cloud Email Encryption & DLP: Ensure email privacy and prevent email data leakage.

But, why SPAMINA?:

  • Because develops innovative proprietary IT solutions to protect companies network against advanced threats and detecting in real time spam, phishing, malware and the most APTs (Advanced Persistent Threats).
  • Spamina ensures business continuity scalability of the service and its manageability from an integrated console at all levels: end user, IT and partner.
  • Spamina’s solutions are fully integrated to increase user experience. Moreover, Spamina has develop the Add-in for Microsoft Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016.
  • Spamina provides AMG with a white label option available for all services, that allows to offer Spamina’s solutions with AMG’s own corporate image.
  • Furthermore, Spamina complies with the demanding European Union legislation in terms of data protection, helping AMG to maintain the highest security standards

The diversity and complexity of customer’s infrastructure and activity, is a barrier to select global provider” explains Jorge Gutierrez, General Manager of AMG.  “SPAMINA solutions allow us to adapt the service to the customer requirements, always ensuring data protection.”

Innovative technology with your own brand

SPAMINA platform can be customize to adapt the interface of users and administrators with AMG branding (logo, colours, sales icons…). In this way, users won´t notice they are working with Spamina solutions.

“Email is one of the pillars of business activity. Big companies provide resources to protect and secure; however, pymes are often facing difficulties to implement data protection strategy. Spamina provides this secure environment to all organizations, no matter the size of the company or the budget” explains Jorge Gutierrez, General Manager of AMG.

The white label option is available for all Spamina’s products:


Spamina’s Solutions


Parla MailboxParla, Secure Cloud Email

A Secure Enterprise Email solution for companies who are looking after working in a secure communication (email, instant messaging) and collaboration (shared  calendar, contacts, file sharing) environment; always available from any device. Parla integrates all security lawers; administrators and users can manage and cobset up the filtering options from the same interface. Also available Outlook Plugin (2007-2016).


ParlaMI - Instant Messaging

ParlaMI, Secure Instant Messaging

Secure end-to-end encrypted instant messaging service for companies, with filtering system to prevent malware and data leak prevention, to ensure confidentiality and data protection for all conversations. ParlaMI allows chats in real time, at individual and group levels, from the pc (via webmail) or the app available for iOs and Android.



Cloud Email Firewall

Cloud Email Firewall

Inbound and outbound email filtering, to keep email free of malware, phishing, virus and spam. Cloud Email Firewall includes innovative proprietary technologies, Simile Fingerprint Filter® to detect advanced threats. This technology detects outbound email and classify legitimate corporate emails from massive communications.


Cloud Email Archiving - Suelto 1Cloud Email Archiving

Cloud Email Archiving, allows archive, eDiscover and recover corporate emails. Cloud Email Archiving is a full integrate solution to help companies to comply with local regulation as well as internal and external audits. Emails are archived and retain ensuring the immutability, and can be recovered in real time from any device. Administrators can customize and generate reports by activity, users, …


Cloud Email Encryption - Suelto 1Cloud Email Encryption & DLP

Cloud Email Encryption & DLP is a policy-based managed encryption solution. This engine not only encrypts messages based on pre-defined corporate policies, it re-directs and prevents confidential information from being distributed over the Internet to the wrong people and prevent data leak.


MDM - Suelto 1Mobile Device Management

Consumerization introduced smartphones, tablets and laptops into corporate environments. Whether corporate- or employee-owned, these devices carry sensitive information and inevitably get lost or stolen. MDM is a comprehensive tool for policy enforcement, monitoring, and remote deletion of confidential data. MDM enables to implement security policies, to force file synchronization, to report data and to safely access devices, all remotely managed by the Parla administrator.


Cloud Web Security - Suelto 1Cloud Web Security

Cloud Web Security is a Cloud-based Internet filtering and Web 2.0 Security service.  This solution provides organizations with a safe and secure Internet connection, free from threats and malware, while ensuring that Web browsing is appropriate and complies with your acceptable use policies.

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