Azimut Yachts puts SPAMINA in charge of the protection of their corporate email

Azimut Yachts an Italian international leading company in the construction and sale of luxury boats with the biggest commercial network in the world, has chosen SPAMINA to protect their corporate email and ensure business continuity.

“For us it´s essential to feel safe with the confidential information that we receive from our customers” explains Ivan Serra, Network and Security Manager of Azimut.

When Google decided to take out off the market their own solution (Google Postini), Azimut and other many companies were forced to look for another solution to protect their email and get perfectly fixed to their needs. Azimut as a company plenty conscious with the importance of the security on their corporate digital communications looked for a solution that could improve their past solution provided by Google. Our offer for them was a new and original type of services that adapt perfectly to the requests that Azimut had – a special Cloud service – that provides new interesting technology that give them an extra value.
Why Spamina?

After a large research by Azimut, they dismissed all the “appliances” services because of all the “extra” costs of installation and maintenance that this type of services has. Azimut finally took the decision to continue with a cloud service, once they decided this, Spamina was the company that offered the best security solution above the rest of solutions thanks to their solid and innovative technology that incorporates:

  • Real-time
  • Solution fully integrated within the portfolio of Spamina
  • Latest technology against any cyber attack.
  • Benefits under European Law

“Looking and testing between the different solutions available on the market, we saw that the solution which fixed better to our needs and requirements for a secure and clean corporative email was the solution offered by Spamina“ This is the explication that the Network and Security Manager gave us.

The Spamina product that Azimut finally chose was Cloud Email Firewall. 

Cloud Email Firewall: Security accessible for everyone

Azimut has the biggest industry sales network, with more than 400 POS distributed between offices, authorized distributors and services on the principal cities around the world. This obviously requires the maximum protection level for their digital corporate communications, therefore the decision by Azimut to take Cloud Email Firewall.

“We have the obligation to have certainty and assurance that our communications and information are safe against any possible attack of unforeseen event that may arise”, says the expert of Azimut.

Some advantages of Cloud Email Firewall for Azimut are:

  • Tested technology for detecting and mitigating Malware and Phishing
  • Management of fully customizable
  • Policies and content filtering
  • Business Continuity


Visit our website to read more of Cloud Email Firewall and discover how Spamina can optimize your email protection.


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