17 May, 2017

How to be prepared against a new wave of WannaCry

As we predicted, Ransomware attacks grew more than 50% in 2016 and this year the trend continues to grow; more than 50 different types have already been identified. Top market analysts in the latest published reports recommend hiring concrete solutions to protect from advanced threats because standard antivirus and anti-malware solutions work on identified patterns and signatures but are unable to detect zero-day attacks. How […]
1 June, 2015

Dismetti il tuo vecchio AntiSpam con il programma trade up di Spamina

Grazie a Spamina vi garantiamo un tasso minimo di falsi positivi ed il 99,9% di Spam bloccato. Il servizio di Email Filtering di Spamina “pulisce” il traffico mail prima che arrivi al server dove sono ospitate le tue caselle email, senza costi di migrazione, di attuazione immediata, senza doversi preoccupare di aggiornamenti, e con la garanzia che le vostre informazioni saranno sempre protette secondo la […]
1 October, 2014

SPAMINA to present a new version of Parla

SPAMINA to present a new version of Parla with secure Instant Messaging, for Enterprise, all Made in Europe. The security software vendor cloud- based, Spamina, has launched a new version of Parla, the cloud collaboration environment, now with Instant Messaging integrated in the user’s webmail. ParlaMI, the name of the IM, guarantees the privacy of the conversations with a secure end to end connection, and […]