Panama Jack is Spanish multinational experts in footwear founded in 1989, becoming in one of the most successful companies in our country. Panama Jack is a consolidated in all the Spanish territory and with presence in more than 22 countries, allocate 70% of their production to the outside market. Panama Jack always offer the best product to their clients, this product has to be comfortable and durable, with the extra brand value that is made 100% in Spain. The Spanish company has decided to invest in update and protect all their communication systems.

“In Panama Jack, we are constantly looking for the superior quality on our products, the same excellence we have on our company” says Gregorio Albaladejo, IT MANAGER in Panama Jack.

The security system that Panama Jack had was Fortimail Appliance, which supposed a big investment, a big maintenance cost and complex updates. The Spanish multinational decided to move his email protection infrastructure to a Cloud platform.

This decision supposes several advantages for para Panama Jack:

Implementation Flexibility: Possibility to adapt the dedicated technology to the rhythm of growth stablished by the company.

Cost Reduction: Getting rid of the machines the cloud services are assumed as opex, fixing considerably the financial statements of the companies.

Business Continuity: The Cloud projects are implemented in about a couple of days, avoiding stops in the activity and the productivity fall down because of the changes.

Provident Financial: Contracting Cloud serviced facilitate Panama Jack a better foresight and control in the IT investment


Why Spamina?

For a big company multinational company such as Panama Jack it´s crucial to be always update in terms of protection and compliance with all the national and European regulations, intern audits and the daily negotiations with the suppliers make essential having the best IT solution that ensure the protection of all this information and also have the option to keep all the emails in a place where we can recover them on multiple devices.

Once Panama Jack took the decision to update his security infrastructure and move on to a Cloud service, they started to look up for the solution that best adapted to their requirements. Finally, they realise that Spamina was the best supplier in terms of email protection because of all the newest technology they owned and incorporate to their products:

  • Real time updates
  • Solution fully integrated within the portfolio of Spamina products.
  • Latest technology against any cyber attack
  • Benefits under European Law LOPD


The Spamina product that Panama Jack finally chose was Cloud Email Firewall.


Cloud Email Firewall: The corporate solution think for you

Cloud Email Firewall is the solution to protect and filter the corporate email. This filtering solution maintain the information safe from malware, phishing, virus and spam, also Cloud Email Firewall incorporates innovating technology that mitigates last generation threats like Simile Fingerprint Filter®. This technology detects the outgoing spam, separating the corporate legal email, from the massive emailing automatized.

For Panama Jack was essential to have a security solution that ensure a 360º protection, there for that the solution proposed by Spamina got quickly adapted to the requirements they needed.

Some advantages of Cloud Email Firewall for Panama Jack are:

  • Tested technology for detecting and mitigating Malware and Phising Attacks.
  • Management of fully customizable reports
  • Policies and content filtering rules
  • Business continuity