Spamina Integrates with Parallels Automation

Spamina Integrates with Parallels Automation to Offer Email Security Services via APS 2.0

SPAMINA, the European security cloud-based software vendor, has announced the release of its solution package based on APS 2.0 for platforms Parallels Automation. This form of subscription enables Cloud Services Providers (CSPs), Telcos and distributors to offer flexibility, agility providing services and bill with a greater transparency, and greater cost savings.

Spamina’s solutions are available in a full-white-label option, what allows distributors to add its own brand and corporative image, using its own interface with logos and colours of the distributor.

“End users need single platforms that allow them to configure their services infrastructure in an intelligent and flexible way; and the option to modify the subscription and payment according to business growth”, comments Enrico Raggini, Spamina’s CEO “This integration will allow Telco’s, Cloud Service Providers and distributors, to offer Spamina’s email security solutions from one single click via APS2.0″

Services available for Parallels Automation via APS2.0 are Spamina’s secure mailbox, called Parla, with the corporate instant messaging, ParlaMI; plus email security options: firewall, archiving, encryption and data loss prevention.

About Spamina:

Spamina is a software manufacture vendor of Email Security and Web Services in the Public, Hybrid or Private Cloud. Spamina solutions are oriented to all companies, ISPs and MSPs included, providing Firewall, Email, Archiving and Encryption & DLP (Data Loss Prevention), with the objective to guarantee total control, protection and management of the email environment.

Spamina (Aegis Security) is based in Madrid, Barcelona, Milan, México DF, Lima and Buenos Aires. Their products and services are distributed by authorized partners.

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