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10 August, 2016
cabecera Tek

TEK Automotive, trust on Spamina email solution because it’s secure, easy to handle.

  TEK Group is a world leader in the production of high quality tire repair kits. Internationally marketed under the Fix & Go brand name, their repair kits are used by major automobile manufacturers  worldwide. Its email and archive service are based on Spamina Cloud platform. Spamina provides Tek Automotive with email services for all their distributors network.  Email server infrastructure is complex, due to different […]
18 May, 2016

SPAMINA entra nel Report Gartner Cool Vendor 2016

Gartner nel 2016 inserisce Spamina nel suo Cool Vendor Report. Il report di Gartner riflette i prodotti e i servizi che vengono da loro riconosciuti come interessanti, innovativi e con una visione strategica IT Perché a Spamina è stato riconosciuto il titolo di Cool Vendor 2016? Perché le nostre soluzioni possono essere una legittimaalternativa per le aziende che non si sentono sicure con Office 365 o Google. […]
13 April, 2016

With WhatsApp is not enough

Now that the Company has strengthen the security of communications with an encryption system end-to-end where only the sender and receiver can have access to their talk, many companies might be quiet, but really this is enough to protect our communications? Do we really think that a free solution is the appropriate solution to keep safe our information? The answer is no, this is not […]