TEK Automotive, trust on Spamina email solution because it’s secure, easy to handle.

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TEK Group is a world leader in the production of high quality tire repair kits. Internationally marketed under the Fix & Go brand name, their repair kits are used by major automobile manufacturers  worldwide. Its email and archive service are based on Spamina Cloud platform.

Spamina provides Tek Automotive with email services for all their distributors network.  Email server infrastructure is complex, due to different protocols to cover multiple locations. An on-premise infrastructure means high inversion and complex management plus expensive maintenance and support costs.

However, communication between distributors has to be secure, to offer data protection at all levels (suppliers, distributors, customers….).

Spamina presents Parla, the secure cloud corporate email. But, why Spamina?

  • Because a Cloud solutions allows cost-effective. Eliminating the need of deploying traditional on-premise infrastructure, important costs associated with investment and maintenance are saved.
  • Because Spamina unifies your communication tools. From one single point the email, instant messaging, gateway security, calendar & collaboration, mobile policies enforcement, data loss & legal compliance tools can be handled avoiding application’s overlapping and screen switch-over. Anywhere, from any device.
  • Because Spamina protects your network against advanced threats. Its own technologies such as Simile Fingerprint Filter® are the perfect deterrent for the kind of malicious code aiming to snatch your digital assets and make money out of it.
  • Because Spamina solutions are scalable and easy-of-use; all security solutions are integrated in a single console at all levels.
  • Because Parla is integrated with the data protection and compliance solution, Cloud Email Archiving. Spamina retains and archives immutable emails up to ten years; it fast and easy recovery helps organizations to comply with legal regulations and to perform both internal and external audits.
  • Furthermore, Spamina complies with the most demanding European Union legislation in terms of data protection, helping Tek Automotive to maintain the highest security standards.

Security and Business Continuity

CIOs use to look for unified communication and collaboration environment to manage the complexity of having subsidiaries and distributors in different countries.

Facing up to that situation, Tek Automotive select Parla, the unified and secure email and communication environment. Parla allows users managing corporate email, entersrise instant messaging, gateway security, calendar and collaboration tools, define and apply security policies for BYOD, prevent the data leak and comply with regulations, from a secure environment in the cloud of Spamina.

Parla and its collaboration tools are available from any mobile devices, and webmail interface; to offer business continuity. Spamina has developed Outlook Plugin for (2007, 2010, 2013, 2016).

According to Massimo Bonometto IT responsible of Tek Automotive,  “Information availability is critical for business. Our sales model requires connection and collaboration between different delegations around the world. We need a solution to archive and recover emails anyway from any device in order to attend regulation and audits requirements.  Spamina, is based on the EU, it complies with the most demanding European Union legislation in terms of data protection and its transfer to third parts.”

Tek Automotive also includes Cloud Email Archiving for all Parla inboxes. Cloud Email Archiving is a comprehensive audit and compliance tool for enterprises, that keeps and maintains immutable the original corporate email for up to 10 years while enabling easy, instant search & recovery intended to fulfil legal requirements and general queries. Users and administrators have direct access to searches, create dashboards and get log activity reports from the control panel in a simple and intuitive way.

Discover more about Parla and Cloud Email Archiving and how to protect your corporate digital communications.

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