With WhatsApp is not enough

Now that the Company has strengthen the security of communications with an encryption system end-to-end where only the sender and receiver can have access to their talk, many companies might be quiet, but really this is enough to protect our communications? Do we really think that a free solution is the appropriate solution to keep safe our information?

The answer is no, this is not enough.

There are many threats that the instant messaging system has to face with, entry of malware and phishing messages seeking dissemination to the greatest number of users to access through them to their devices and steel the information.

On the other hand, conversations and calls are not stored on the Whatsapp servers, the company does not keep records of messages on it servers once they have been sent and received. Every day we see that the use of instant messaging as an option of communication to deal with commercial transactions or intern process of collaborations between companies. In case that legal requirements or internal or external audits, companies should be able to access the contents of those conversations, ensuring that these have not been altered.

With these remarks, we can decide which is the use we want to give to the instant messaging service within our company, what type of information is going to be handled, what is the level of control that we want to have over it, and that case, and only in that case we will be able to know if Whatsapp is enough.